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The eyes are certainly one of the most beautiful features of a human body. They are considered to be the windows to the soul and are written about poetically and in prose throughout the world. For this reason, you need to be sure that your soul’s “window dressing” is something special.

For those who require eye glasses, this is not a problem when you visit us at Kauai Eye Care in Lihue, HI. We can supply you with one of the largest ranges of trendy eye glasses in the Lihue area. Not only this, but our fashion-forward consultants provide helpful expertise that will assist you in picking out the most complementary glasses for you.

They do this by evaluating your face shape and personal style, then matching this with a frame shape and glasses style. Most importantly, they first ask about your budget in order to match you with a spectacular pair of eye glasses to suit your aesthetic and your budget too.

We offer differing ranges for men, women and children in order to meet everyone’s needs. Men generally have more masculine features and can therefore sport larger and more angular eye glasses. However, a woman’s features should not be overcome by manly eye glasses that cover her face. Children have very specific size requirements and even younger children prefer fun and funky frames.

Kauai Eye Care stocks a variety of frames in plastic, metal and titanium, as well as a myriad of shapes and styles including aviator, wayfarer, square, round, oval and rectangular. We can also fit your specific lenses into your favorite frame in order to custom make the perfect pair of eye glasses for you.