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Contact Lenses - Ready In One Hour

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At Kauai Eye Care, we have an on-site lab that can create your personal contact lenses from scratch within one hour! There can’t be anywhere else in Lihue, HI, that offers you this level of convenience.

Simply come in and speak to us about your contact requirements before placing your order with us. Better yet, call us and place your order on the telephone. This way, you can do some shopping or get things done at home before coming to fetch your contact lenses an hour later!

Kauai Eye Care provides the huge surfing community in Lihue, HI with our innovative surfing contact lenses, perfect for when you are out in the water. Many surfers who have gone into the water with regular contact lenses have experienced a lot of discomfort and even pain. In fact, doing this can actually be harmful to your eyes. Protect your eyes and paddle out with 20/20 vision using our very unique surfing contact lenses. These are designed for extreme comfort and functionality when you’re out in the surf.