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We specialize in custom contact lenses for all sports, reading, astigmatism, and eye color for patients.

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Eye Care | Kauai Eye Care

A lot goes into eye care; a healthy diet, exercise, and good hygiene are all major elements in maintaining healthy eyes. But...

Eye Glasses | Kauai Eye Care

The eyes are certainly one of the most beautiful features of a human body. They are considered to be the windows to the...

Contact Lenses | Kauai Eye Care

At Kauai Eye Care, we have an on-site lab that can create your personal contact lenses from scratch within one hour...

Whatever you may need, whether it’s general eye care, eye tests, eye glasses or contact lenses, we do it best and at the lowest prices! Call us today for further information (808) 246-8855.

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Kauai Eye Care is number one in Lihue, HI. The health and wellness of your eyes is of our utmost concern. With certified and qualified optometrists and opticians in store, you are assured only the best quality service. The specialists at Kauai Eye Care are the best in the industry.

We offer an extensive range of eye tests and eye exams in order to assist you in keeping the health of your vision and eye structure at its best. Annual eye exams are imperative to catching potential problems early and, if need be, getting you fitted with the perfect eye glasses or contact lenses. This is where our top-notch opticians come in handy. We provide you with specialized designs in eye glasses to meet all of your unique requirements. This is important, because most people have extremely individualized needs. We aim to treat everyone according to his or her personal eye problems.

If you are looking for permanent sight correction, which does not require the use of eye glasses or contact lenses, then our Lasik services are just for you. This procedure involves re-shaping of the eye’s cornea, improving your visual acuity.

Many people opt for eye glasses or contact lenses. Luckily, we stock a vast range of very trendy fashion eye glasses, which you will certainly learn to love. From simple, black secretary-style eye glasses, to large and bright vintage-style eye glasses, we have them all. Kauai Eye Care provides fashionable eye glasses for men, women and children.

We wouldn’t be a true Kauai eye care store if we didn’t offer something special to our massive surfing community! At Kauai Eye Care, we stock some great surfing contact lenses, for those paddling out to the backline with vision problems.

You won’t find our level of efficiency and excellence anywhere else in Lihue, HI. We can have your contact lenses ready for you within the hour! Come visit us for all of your eye care needs, or call us for more information and advice.